After 23 years of a distinguished, and widely varied legal career, Tracee Lorens is now available for mediations, arbitrations, and any type of private judging assignment. She has been honored on numerous occasions by various trial lawyer organizations, as well as by the California State Legislature, for her high degree of success as a trial lawyer and as a community leader. In 2013, she was recognized as Employment Attorney of the Year by The California Lawyer magazine. Prior to her move to mediations, her practice covered a wide array of cases, such as:

    1. Personal injury litigation;
    2. Employment litigation;
    3. Insurance litigation;
    4. Consumer class action;
    5. Landlord tenant and property cases;
    6. Civil harassment;
    7. Wage and hour class action litigation;
    8. Sexual harassment, failure to promote, and reverse sexual harassment cases;
    9. Hostile work environment cases;
    10. Wrongful termination cases;
    11. Very specific and in depth knowledge of class action procedures, certification issues, and the latest law on meal and rest break litigation, as a result of her lead plaintiffs' attorney role, in the Hohnbaum v. Brinker case.

Tracee has recently retired from the practice of law and spent a year in training and credentialing to become a mediator. While many participate in a one week seminar to obtain their mediator certificate, she has not only completed that program, but has also spent the last two years training and co-mediating with some of the best mediators in the State of California.

Tracee's 23 years of litigation and trial work, combined with hundreds of settlement conferences and meditations, gives her the experience and knowledge to assist in resolving any type of dispute, litigated or otherwise. She has a reputation for being hard working, dogged in her determination, bright, highly experienced and knowledgeable, courteous yet adept at handling contentious personalities, and a "straight talker"; thus making the process efficient and very cost effective.

Tracee Lorens has found mediation to be a truly satisfying means of resolving disputes in a more cost-effective and satisfying way for the participants. Instead of spending thousands, if not hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars litigating, the parties, with the assistance of Tracee Lorens, can craft a resolution that works for them, instead of having a judgment imposed on them via the court system.

For additional information regarding Tracee Lorens' educational history, employment history or experience in particular types of legal issues, please feel free to contact her at, and additional information will be forthcoming.